TVA's Tims Ford Dam
On the Elk River in south central Tennessee is Tims Ford Dam.
It is an earthen/rockfill dam, 175 feet high and 1,580 feet long.
The construction of the spillway is a little unusual.
The three floodgates release water into a channel of poured concrete and natural rockwork that goes around the powerhouse. The access bridge to the powerhouse crosses the channel as seen here. The road is gated, so we couldn't get pictures of the powerhouse or switchyard. Power output is stated to be 37 Megawatts, but there appeared to be only a single 161 KV circuit coming out of here. Compare that to the operations at Great Falls.
The back side of the dam and spillway. Shot in late February, the lake is at winter pool.
The intake structure.
A view from the fishing area, where TN 50 crosses the Elk River below the dam.
A look back across the lake. Tims Ford State Park is somewhere over there.